CPA Calgary

CPA Calgary

Archive Accounting is an Accounting and Bookkeeping firm with a difference. We offer varied Accounting services ranging from bookkeeping to tax services, and we remain the best CPA in Calgary your business can ever get. Do you ever wonder what good a CPA does in your business? Forget about the fear of IRS every business receives; we offer your business so much more. 

Who is a CPA? 

They are accountants, and they are also advisors. They advise what business venture to avoid and which one to do that will incur the least Tax and advise which accounting method is best used. In case of an audit, they can represent you before the IRS, so dispel that fear of auditing. 

Certified Public Accountants are tax experts different from traditional accountants. They are versatile in offering business advice that can save your capital during tax season. They file your business taxes and answer important account questions. Archive Accounting services are second to none, as they are the Best Calgary accounting firm! 

Our offer as a CPA

Our firm offers Accounting and Bookkeeping in Calgary. Some of which are; 

  • Tax filing, planning, and advice: Archive Accounting offers the best Tax services in Calgary. We help small and large businesses file their taxes, plan it, and advise them on the best course of action. We not only cater to large enterprises; we also are invaluable to small scale businesses. 

  • Tax and financial compliance: We understand that businesses know that the IRS can audit anytime. A small discrepancy can lead to bankruptcy, so in other to avoid this, we offer alternatives that safeguard your business. Our knowledge of Tax and financial compliance is unsurpassed.

  • Consulting: We offer consultation services to our clients to guard against financial risk management problems. We also consult on budgetary issues and financial issues. 

  • Forensic accounting: Fraud in businesses can come from any angle; therefore, we help businesses prevent fraud at all costs. Before it occurs, we have experts who are the finest who closely monitor your account and help prevent fraud. 

  • Payroll: if you don't have payroll software before consulting with us, we can help you with that. 

  • Bookkeeping: we can help you create, maintain, and review your financial books throughout your business's lifetime. 

Issue of finance

Many business owners believe that hiring a CPA is dreadfully expensive. At Archive Accounting, our fees are flexible to meet your financial need; after all, we are here to help boost your finances. Our rates are classified into; 

  • Hourly rates, 
  • Administrative fees
  • Paperwork fees
  • Other fees and services

When is the right time for our service? 

  • Before you start your business: We offer invaluable advice on what type of business is feasible and give business advice that will serve you better in the long run. Also, we offer to start-up business owners' advice on the best legal structure for their business, whether it's a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. 

  • At tax time: we prepare tax documents and give financial advice to help you strategize on minimizing tax liability for the coming year. We also offer advice on which taxes are deductible and which are not. 

  • When you're planning on taking a business loan: we recommend the best business loan for your business, when to take it and where to take it from. 

  • When you decide to acquire, sell, merge, or close down your business, we help you determine your business's fair market value or the business you want to achieve. We can also help you analyze your business' financial records, verify its assets, and assist with due diligence. 

So you see what we offer is more valuable than you can imagine. What are you waiting for? Stop making all those dreadful business mistakes today. Contact us and let us take all those worries away from you. Contact Archive Accounting for a free consultation with the best Tax and accounting firm in Calgary and Canada as a whole: Visit our website for more information on what we can do for you. Our official website is

CPA Calgary

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CPA Calgary CPA Calgary